Episode 54 – We’re Back!

Hi! Remember when we used to be podcast friends? We sure do! Ann and Halle are back with an update over what’s been happening for the past two (!) years, and some of their favorite reads during that time. And of course, they’ll end with what they’re reading this week.

Download here

Books and other media mentioned in this episode:

NoveList (check your local library)
Parnassus Books
Ann Patchett books
Favorite Books of 2017
Favorite Books of 2018

Ann’s picks:

Halle’s picks:

What We’re Reading This Week:

Halle’s Instagram: @halle770
Halle’s goodreads
Ann’s Instagram: @ferskner
Ann’s Litsy: @ferskner
Ann’s goodreads




3 thoughts on “Episode 54 – We’re Back!

  1. Such a treat to find y’all in my podcast feed this morning! I literally checked yesterday to see if I was still subscribed. Best to you both – looking forward to more episodes with y’all.


  2. I was SO excited to see your new episode pop up in my feed Friday morning! What a treat to have you two ladies back in my earbuds, talking and recommending great books. Can’t wait for more. 🤗🤗


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